Vegan Make Up

I’m very excited as this weekend I have have treated myself to some new makeup, Including this lipgloss (f-bomb) from Urban Decay, which I have been thinking about buying for months now.

UD Lip

I’m a vegetarian, and I’m quite strict with it, so not only do I try to buy products from companies that don’t test on animals but also items that don’t include animal bi-products too. But as another vegetarian I know says “I just try to be a vegetarian to the best of my abilities” and I’ve rather embraced that idea myself, as it can be a real minefield. I’m constantly finding things that it never even occurred to me to consider whether they are vegetarian friendly before.
So when I come across different resources I jump on them. A couple of years ago I brought ‘The Animal Free Shopper’ from The Vegan Society thinking that would make my life easier. However it wasn’t quite what I was looking for, as it only listed certain items/ brand and not necessarily ones you would easily find on the High Street. It’s a great resource but unfortunately for me it has done little more than sit on my bookcase.

So you can probably imagine my joy when I came across this fantastic blog The Vegan Taff. She has reviewed lots of high street products, and through reading her blog Kelly has introduced me to brands I would never consider having vegan friendly items in their range. This has made me very happy… although me not so sure how good it will be on the bank balance!

After reading up on The Vegan Taff and tweeting her directly for advice on mascara I ended up buying ‘Lash Vegas Mascara‘ by Barry M. I can’t wait to try it out.


And now I have a very long wish lists of items to buy in the future too! Anyway I’m now going to sign off and go and try out my new products. I’ll let you know how I find them.


If you can recommend any good vegan or vegetarian friendly make up please pop a comment below.


The Upcycle Revolution

image On Tuesday 16th June I had the pleasure of going to London with my friend Vicky of Vicky Myers Creations (do check out her blog here) to an event hosted by Gumtree. It was all about upcycling. They had invited 20 bloggers to upcycle something which was then judged on the evening by Max McMurdo. max There were some fantastic items there. This was to celebrate the launching of National Upcycling Day which was on 24th June 2015. All the items from the event are now being sold on gumtree and the money is going to the charity of the individuals choice. These are just a few of the items…

The winner – Neil (of with these repurposed drums turned into toy storage, which were fantastic. drums The most unusual was the pet storage/ home by Jen (see her blog here) with its own handmade pet rat in it, that did make me giggle. rat houseAnd of course my favourite (I might be a little biased, as it was my friends entry)…this bench which was made from 3 chairs. I particularly loved the detail of different coloured buttons on the cushion. vicky bench

This is currently for sale on gumtree and all money made goes to a local charity ‘Nelson’s Journey’.

But the thing I will take away from the event was how inspired I am by this group of people who were so passionate about upcycling and blogging. I may just have caught the bug, so watch this space…


Thank you Gumtree & Max McMurdo for hosting the event and a special thank you to Vicky Myers for inviting me to go along.