This Summer I will…

Mrs Crafty B tagged me to the ‘This Summer I will…’ Challenge so here is my list…

1) Start my new job.
2) Take my driving test… fingers & toes crossed, I’m so impatient to get driving my little car now. 
3) Learn about mindfulness and try to practice it in my everyday life. 
4) Eat more meals at normal meal times with less snacking/ grazing. 
5) Have some days out on my own to explore. Eg. get on the train somewhere, pop to an exhibition or museum. 
6) Try and be more organised and tidier at home. 
7) Make time for craft/ creativity every week. 
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Freebies and Vegan Toiletries

I love a bargain or a freebie, don’t we all?
So I HAD to treat myself to this month’s Marie Claire because it had two mini Ciate nail polishes free with it. IMG_0303

The one I brought included a silver nail varnish and a top coat. I’ve been wanting to try this range for a while, since discovering their nail varnishes are vegan friendly.


I decided to spend a bit more time and effort over doing my nails then I usually do (although don’t look too closely as its not the neatest job). I removed any oils from my nails using nail polish remover, then did two thin layers of silver followed by a layer of top coat. I always make sure I don’t leave too long between coats because I remember reading somewhere it’s less likely to chip if you don’t leave them to dry in between.


I found that that after 48 hours the edges have worn away slightly, but as its a light colour you really couldn’t tell and it would have probably last longer if I hadn’t had to take it off for work. Generally I was quite happy with this and will buy some more in the future.

However I’m still waiting for that one amazing nail varnish which is as chip resistant as gel nails but without the phaff of removing it, as I easily get bored of the colours and want a change.

My second purchase was some Original Source shower gel in the NEW Watermelon and Jojoba. It smells lovely and fruity. Plus I love that a Vegan Society approved product is so easily found in the shops and very reasonably priced. If you want a light summery smelling shower gel I would well recommend it.


My final recent purchase was some new perfume… Pacifica.
I had seen some other vegan/ cruelty free bloggers mention it on Twitter, so decided to go on the hunt into Norwich to find some. We have two Holland and Barrett shops in the city and of course it was in the second one I went to. They have so many gorgeous scents to choose from. I narrowed it down to Island Vanilla or Hawaiian Ruby Guava. I put the testers on and went off to meet a friend for lunch, so I could see how they were on my skin. A couple of hours later I could still smell both of them. I finally decided on the vanilla because I like a stronger scent. But very tempted to go back after pay day and buy another.
Isn’t the packaging pretty too? And it’s the perfect size to carry in my handbag so I can take it out and about with me.


If you have found any new great toiletries etc. recently or got some old favourites you would recommend I would love to you to pop a comment below. xx


Mrs Crafty B tagged me in her challenge to do a list of 50 things that make me happy. Basically I have to list 50 things then tag some more people to do the challenge. I really enjoyed doing this and recommend you have a go too, even if it’s just 10 things, go on it will be worth it.

So here is my list….

1 My cat Mo – she’s a rescue cat and when I got her she was terrified of everything, I never get bored of seeing her relaxed, more confident and greeting people when they come round.


2 Spending time with my family.

3 My nieces – they are such cutie pies (besotted Auntie).

4 My new fan – my flat is unbearably hot in the summer so this makes me very happy.

5 I work for the NHS and nothing beats seeing a patient get better and go home again.

6 Make & Create Collective – The monthly craft group I’m a member of.


7 Cross stitch.

8 Making quilts (I have made 3 small ones so far).

09  My Mum’s home made Macaroni Cheese.


10 Getting my subscription of Molly Makes Magazine through the post.

11 My Grannie on my Mum’s side past away about 15 years ago. She was a lovely gentle lady who enjoyed doing tapestry well into her 90s. I have one she did for me when she was 91 years old which is one of my most treasured possessions.


12 My new car – I’m currently learning to drive so it’s a real treat when someone is able to take me out for a drive in it.

13 My bed – anytime, but especially if it’s got fresh bed linen on it.

14 Memories of my holiday to Turkey in 2013 – I went with a friend from work and we just had so much fun. I did thinking that I would never normally be brave enough to do such as jumping off the top of a boat and rafting.


15 Sunshine everything just seems more positive & hopefully when the sun is shining.

16 Sitting in Mum’s garden, it’s so relaxing.

17 Dogs – we always had dogs when I was a child so anytime I get to spend with dogs is a joy, they are such gorgeous animals. This week I had the pleasure of spending time with two fox red Labradors and a working cocker spaniel.


18 Nail vanish and painting my nails or having them painted.

19 Finding clothes that fit – I’m plus size and tall so am quite limited on finding clothes that suit me so when I do I buy them in every colour. 😉

20 Champagne, cava or prosecco – I love my bubbly.

21 My Kindle – I never thought I would be converted to a e-reader but I love my kindle and hardly ever read a paperback version since I was given it.

22 Blogging – I’m new to this blogging malarkey but really enjoying it so far.
And it’s so exciting getting comments/ likes/ followers too.

23 Wandering round museums -I currently have an annual pass to our local museums, so I really must make the most of it!

24 Spending time with my 6 year old Goddaughter and her twin brother.

25 Hairdressers – going to have my hair cut or coloured.

26 Pizza.

27 The BBC iPlayer Radio App – Mum got me into The Archers last year and I also love listening to other dramas. I prefer it to TV as I can do other things whilst listening to a play.

28 The smell of freshly cut grass.

29 Being given a drawing by friends children. I have a few stuck up on my kitchen cabinets.


30 Hugs.

31 Looking round a good fabric shop and all the gorgeous material (and buying it also, obviously!).

32 A good series on TV.

33 Skype-ing with my friend that lives abroad.

34 Getting into bed after a night shift when you know the rest of the world is getting up and going to work.

35 Getting home and changing out of my work clothes at the end of the day.

36 Sitting in a coffee shop and watching the world go by.

37 Chatting with friends.

38 Going to my Mum’s quilting group (The T ladies), they are always so welcoming and friendly.

39 Text messages.

40 Receiving Postcards.

41 Having a shower.

42 When I have made the effort to put make up on and straightening my hair.

43 Sleep.

44 Scented Candles.


45 My sizzix machine, that a friend generously gave me.

46 The quilt my Mum gave me, I love curling up on the sofa with it on a cold day.

47 Crunchy leaves in Autumn and the autumnal colours on the trees.

48 Losing weight (just wish it was easier!).

49 Swimming.


50 Finding decent vegan/ vegetarian make up or toiletries.

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