This Summer I will…

Mrs Crafty B tagged me to the ‘This Summer I will…’ Challenge so here is my list…

1) Start my new job.
2) Take my driving test… fingers & toes crossed, I’m so impatient to get driving my little car now. 
3) Learn about mindfulness and try to practice it in my everyday life. 
4) Eat more meals at normal meal times with less snacking/ grazing. 
5) Have some days out on my own to explore. Eg. get on the train somewhere, pop to an exhibition or museum. 
6) Try and be more organised and tidier at home. 
7) Make time for craft/ creativity every week. 
Now I challenge…

Sam of Writing, Coffee and Cupcakes

Lorraine of Let the world float by

Laura of Vinspire UK

and Laura of Inside Laura’s Head


3 thoughts on “This Summer I will…

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