This weekend I’ve been staying with my Mum. Recently she has started learning to do spinning and has borrowed a spinning wheel. It’s a lovely ‘hobby/ skill’ and very restful to sit and watch. I’m hoping to have a go myself sometime.

The thing that really made me think about is how the crafts we do connect us the past generations and also the future. And I feel it’s important to retain these skills for the future generations.

For thousands of years people have done spinning in some form or another. The earliest evidence of people having spun items to make into clothing dates from about 20,000 years ago.

Apparently the word ‘spinster’ (an unmarried woman) comes from the fact that it would have traditionally been the girls and unmarried women who would have been the ones busy spinning the yarn to be made into clothes.

I can imagine women in the past sitting around chatting whilst they were spinning, much like my Mum and her spinning group do although this is for pleasure when in the past it would have been a necessity.

Mum getting quite a good collection of yarn that she has spun now. I can’t wait to see what she knits with it!

I love the way our arts and crafts give us a sense of connection with the past. I would love to know if other people feel this too.